Summary of Home Contents

Aug 24, 2012 at 8:00 PM

This a very basic knowledge of using various kind of VC++ app, this demo was for getting familiar about how to VC++; cause in reality, it is very different from higher Languages like C# and VB .NET for instance, because you had to specify what do you really want to do, in a higher Language you don't need even to carry out about MFC or libraries etc...; it can be done quickly by calling it directly into your code or any .dll you specify; VC++; in this case is better when it consist on specially creating your own dictionary cause at the end this is a native Language that simplifies you to be in control; in other hand the Higher Language make it a little more complex than VC++ in creating your own Dictionary; because it consist basically on .NET Framework Libraries in most case and create the assemblies for you to work instantly and focus on your code...

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